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RZSSGoesWild video series

13/04/2020 in RZSS

From our conservation team's living room, to yours! Travel around the world from home with our new #RZSSGoesWild web series.

With help from RZSS members and visitors to Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park, we protect wildlife in Scotland and around the world.

From restoring threatened species, to protecting wild places with local conservation partners, we are active where we are needed most.

Episode 1: Who is RZSS Conservation?

Find out about the exciting and important work that we're currently involved in at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

Episode 2: Rocking out with rockhopper penguins


Discover our conservation work with Northern rockhopper penguins in the wild. These grumpy little penguins have been a big hit on our zoo webcams, but we also do a lot to support this species out in its native range on tiny islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

Episode 3: Standing up for the little guys

Learn about the pine hoverfly, a species so rare in the UK, you've probably never even heard of it! Find out how our keepers at the Highland Wildlife Park are working tirelessly to save this important pollinator and what the future holds for this wee beastie.

Episode 4: Brazil's mysterious giants

Travel to Brazil and meet the ancient and amazing giant armadillo and our hard-working partners at the Institute for the Conservation of Wild Animals who have been learning about giant armadillos and protecting them and other weird and wonderful South American species for over 10 years.

Episode 5: Bringing back beavers

Did you know beavers are the first mammal to be successfully reintroduced to the UK? Find out all about the amazing work that went into restoring these incredible animals to the Scottish countryside.

Episode 6: Spying on wildlife

Get a sneak peek into the secret lives of the animals that RZSS works to protect. Threatened species can be tricky to track down, but camera traps can help us discover amazing never before seen behaviours.

Episode 7: Diet clues from tiger poos

Did you know we're using DNA from tiger poo to help protect tigers in Nepal? Find out why it's important for us to understand what's on the menu for wild tigers in Nepal, how DNA from poo can help us do this and how the tigers at our zoos helped us to refine our tiger poo detective skills.

Episode 8: The chimps of Budongo Forest

Meet the chimps of Budongo Forest in Uganda and our own chimpanzee troop at Edinburgh Zoo and learn about the connections between the two.

Episode 9: Saving the Highland tiger

Find out how conservation breeding of wildcats could hold the key to saving the UK's last wild-living species of cat. Go behind the scenes with our specialist team and learn all about the threats wildcats face and how we're helping bring them back from the brink of extinction.

Episode 10: Mysterious mountain wolves

Explore the secret lives of the elusive Himalayan wolves and the conservation researchers working to save them.

Episode 11: Up close with Pallas's cat

Meet the Pallas's cat - a grumpy and extremely fluffy feline that roams the high mountains of Central Asia.

Episode 12: Diving deep to save skates

Dive in to discover the incredible flapper skate, and the work our vets are assisting with to help protect it.

Can you help save the animals you love?

With both Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park currently closed, the income we usually receive to run our wild conservation projects is no longer available.

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