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RZSS Goes WildGenes

17/07/2021 in Conservation

Genetics! DNA! You might know that these kinds of things are important in medicine and farming, but what about conservation? In this special video series, we’re going to introduce you to our team at the UK’s only zoo-based conservation genetics lab, RZSS WildGenes, and find out how the cutting edge work they do at Edinburgh Zoo is helping save species across the globe.

Episode One: Meet the RZSS WildGenes team

Tucked away behind the rhino house at Edinburgh Zoo is a high-tech scientific laboratory. RZSS WildGenes is the only zoo-based conservation genetics lab in the UK, and behind these doors the team are working away on conservation genetics projects for a huge range of threatened species, from wildcats and capercaillie to crocodiles and antelope. Meet our wild experts and find out more in episode one of a new video series.

Episode Two: Saving Siamese crocodiles in Cambodia

The critically endangered Siamese crocodile has almost completely disappeared from the wild. But crucially, RZSS WildGenes has found a reason for us all to smile for this crocodile! In RZSS Goes WildGenes episode two, discover how conservation genetics, crocodile farms and players of People's Postcode Lottery are supporting Fauna & Flora International's reintroduction efforts in Cambodia.

Episode Three: Meet the critically endangered addax 

Ever heard of an addax? No? Well, it's not surprising as this critically endangered species is one of the rarest antelope on the planet.

In episode three of RZSS Goes WildGenes find out how RZSS experts are using genetic data to help save this incredible species.

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