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RZSS Education

Higher and Further Education

Higher and further education

Sessions @ £8 per student


Animal Handling (1 hour) (Edinburgh Zoo only)

This session allows students to handle some of the smaller animals we have here in the zoo. Animals for each session will vary, however may include invertebrates, reptiles, and small mammals.


The Role of the Modern Zoo (2 hours)

An overview of the role of modern zoos as centres for conservation, education and research. This topic includes a tour and a workshop that allows students to discuss the dilemmas that zoo and conservation organisations face regularly. Problems such as choosing which animals to have in the zoo, how to enrich the animals that we keep and how to help conserve animals and their habitats in-situ.

Zoo Animal Care (2 hours)

This topic includes a lecture discussing animal husbandry, nutrition, record keeping, transport, training and enrichment. It is followed by a tour which highlights the methods of enclosure design, and gives the students a chance to apply the principles from the lecture. This topic links well with college courses on animal management.

Zoo Animal Behaviour (2 hours)

An introductory lecture on how and why we study zoo animal behaviour. We then work through the process of creating an animal behaviour study. After the lecture students will work in small groups to investigate animal behaviour through observing and recording some of our primate species.

Carnivore Conservation (2 hours)

RZSS is involved in a variety of carnivore species projects. They range from supporting giant panda conservation in China to specialised captive breeding programmes for Amur leopards and Scottish Wildcats. This session discusses the threats that carnivores face in the wild and includes an interactive workshop that highlights the ways that zoos can help.

Zoo Tour (1.5 hours)

A guided tour that highlights how we care for the animals here as well as the work we do in the wild.