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RZSS Education

Our Forest

Age Suitability: P1 - P3

Availability: This session is only available from March - September at both Edinburgh Zoo & Highland Wildlife Park

Duration of lesson: 50 minutes

Maximum Class Size: 33

Lesson Outline:

An introduction to life in the Scottish forest and the diversity of animals living there. Children discover the structure and biodiversity of forests through activities and discussion. They will have the chance to observe and handle mini-beasts that they can catch themselves, as well as some of our unique biofacts such as feathers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To know that many living things can be found in a forest.
  • To understand why these living things choose to live/grow here and how they depend on one another.

Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes:

  • HWB 0-48a ‘I recognise that we have similarities and differences but are all unique.’
  • SOC 0-17a ‘I make decisions and take responsibility in my everyday experiences and play, showing consideration for others.’
  • SOC 0-08a ‘I explore and appreciate the wonder of nature within different environments and have played a part in caring for the environment.’
  • SCN 1-02a ‘I can explore examples of food chains and show an appreciation of how animals and plants depend on each other for food.’