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The different ways to support your favourite animals

How you can help

Together with support from members and visitors, we protect wildlife here in Scotland and around the world.

From restoring threatened species to the wild, to providing expertise in genetic management and veterinary health, and protecting wild places with local conservation partners, we are active where we are needed most.

With both our zoos currently closed due to COVID-19, the income we usually receive to run our 23 wild conservation projects is no longer available.

  • £15 could extract a DNA sample from a rare species like the dama gazelle
  • £30 could vaccinate a wildcat to protect it from disease
  • £50 could genetically test a critically endangered Siamese crocodile for the conservation breeding programme
  • £130 could health screen a beaver before it goes back into the wild
  • £145 Supports a Ugandan fieldworker to monitor and protect a chimpanzee community for a month

Can you help conserve wildlife with your gift today?