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Animal Enrichment Gifts

Have you ever wanted to give your favourite animal a present? If so, then why not donate some unwanted items or purchase something from our Amazon Wishlists.

In particular, our sun bears love boomer balls – the larger the better – and rubber Kong chew toys. So if you would like to buy our animals a little treat, please do!

Don't forget to use and choose the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland before shopping on Amazon. We will receive a percentage of your purchase as a donation to our charitable efforts.

Our animal keepers also use a variety of everyday items to help encourage natural behaviours such as foraging or nesting. This can also help to improve the visibility of the animals to both visitors and staff.

Enrichment Materials Needed

We are always on the lookout for items we can incorporate into enrichment such as:

  • Pet Toys – please see the amazon wishlist for ideas
  • Tools (for making enrichment such as drill, chain link, saw, silicone moulds for shaping food enrichment, paint brushes, rope, D shackles, carabiners)
  • Fire hoses
  • Food colouring and flavourings e.g. vanilla essence
  • Scented stuff e.g. herbs, spices, aromatherapy oils, perfumes/aftershave
  • Edible organic stuff e.g. ketchup, mustard, honey, peanut butter, jelly  palm oil free only
  • Seeds (for growing edible flowers, herbs etc)
  • Garden equipment e.g. hanging baskets, astroturf
  • Clothes
  • Linen- sheets, towels, throws, duvet covers, cushion/pillow covers etc  Please note we cannot use duvet or pillow inserts
  • Brush heads (natural fibres)
  • Unbreakable mirrors
  • Wind chimes
  • Clear plastic tubes
  • Newspaper and large cardboard boxes (please note we cannot use cardboard containing staples or tape)

How to Donate

To donate materials, or provide enrichment in any other way to our beautiful animals, please contact the team on